Kit Knows

kit knows. kit weyman. rapper. actor. writer. director.



.the changing.

.summer in the city.

.colours of love.

.the writing's on the wall.

AHRfilms Presents - Kit Knows "The Writing's on the Wall" from Mark Valino on Vimeo.


.welcome: mantis remix.

1st space kit: on the moon 2nd space kit: in T.O.
This is the remix…remixed.
The release of "The Second Space: Kit in T.O." marks the 3rd phase in a remix series created by Toronto hip-hop artist Kit Knows. Following on the heels of his popular re-mixtape, "The First Space: Kit on the Moon", the series finds its origins in the Berlin based producer flako's beat tape, "The First Space Shit On The Moon". Where Kit previously provided a flip on flako's spacey, Detroit inspired beats, it is now the producers turn to add their take on the MC's previous work. "The Second Space: Kit in T.O." features all new original music from an eclectic Toronto line up of producers, beatmakers, and songwriters.

The project is a free download, available at
Keeping the remix alive, the accapellas for each track can be found on the site, and video-remix options are built into the project's videos on youtube. Join in.
This is the remix…remixed.